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  • Century Spring - Century Spring Corp - CSC - Century Spring彈簧 -中國區總代理 .
    Century Spring Corp. (CSC) was founded in 1927 as a full-service manufacturer of high-quality custom springs. From the beginning, CSC has been committed to providing our customers with the finest quality products and service in the industry. In 1997, Century Spring Corp. joined with MW Industries Inc. to become one of the top spring and specialty fastener manufacturers in the nation.
    CSC is dedicated to maintaining its leadership in the spring industry. By listening to our valuable customers, and providing them with what they need to be successful, we are able to reach our goals and help our customers achieve theirs. Because we make customer satisfaction our NUMBER ONE priority, we have received numerous customer service awards for on time delivery, shipping accuracy, and quality control.
    產品: KK-29,LL-66,B6-19 .
    您的姓名: 吳先生 性  別: 先生
    職位: 經理 所在區域: 江蘇  無錫市
    詳細地址: 南長區 郵  編: 214023
    聯系電話: 86-0510-85737116-8018 手機號碼: 13861824316
    傳  真: 86-0510-85730629 電子郵件: [email protected]
    QQ號碼: 253243248 網  址: http://www.amdachina.cn/

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